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Getting the Price You Want From Sale of Cars

April 2, 2021 by Addison Castro
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Getting your car prepared for a sale is required if you’re going to get the best price for it. First clean the car inside and out and make sure it’s tidy. Consider receiving a new MOT as this tells a lot more about the car’s basic condition. Have a complete, professional valet service. It really makes a difference to the price and how easily you could sell the car. Now you’re ready to market your car and here are few tips for a stress-free sale. stanovi oglasi

  1. Price your car realistically as it is vital if you need a quick sale. Check the prices of similar cars in popular ad magazines or online.
  2. You cannot sell a car with outstanding finance.

This will include outstanding hire-purchase or conditional sale agreements.

If you are selling, get the finance company’s consent or settle the finance first.

  1. Don’t make false or reckless claims always take care how you word your advert.
  2. In advertising, stick to the facts that would interest potential buyers.

Describe the car as correctly as possible.

Quote the year, how many months are left back on the MOT and also where you are based.

  1. State the present condition of the car in adverts and on the receipt.

If it’s sold for spares only, or it requires any substantial repairs.

Also include this information on the receipt once agreed to sell.

  1. Have all the documents and history handy.

Keep receipts for work that carried out.

A fully-stamped dealer service record adds value if have got one.

Don’t forget to hand over all related documents when you sell.

  1. Check whether the buyer is insured to test drives the car.

Always go away with them.

Avoid becoming a prey of car theft – if you change your seats part way through, always take the keys with you and hand them over when you get back in the car.

  1. Build in a margin for haggle.

This way the buyer is happy and you will still find close to the amount you want.

  1. Provide a ‘Sold as seen, try and approve without guarantee’ receipt also.

Keep in mind that no wording on the receipt is foolproof.

  1. Get paid.

Don’t allow anyone to drive your car until you’re satisfied that you’ve been paid in full.

Cash is the best way to be paid.

If you are given a personal cheque, wait for it to clear in your bank prior to you hand the car over.

Fruitfully sold your car

So now you’ve settled to sell your car. What must you do before the buyer drives off into the sunset? To defend yourself, draw up a seller’s contract.

  1. Take two copies of the contract, one for you and one for your buyer.
  2. Complete the contract with your buyer.
  3. Both you and your buyer must sign and date the contracts.
  4. Make sure you both keep a signed copy as proof of the purchase.
    It’s also important to inform the DVLA that your car has changed hands.